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Section 9-A: CEUs may be obtained from the following resources:

  1. Any CEUs accrued under the auspices of KyCRA-sponsored or NCRA-sponsored events, classes, seminars, projects or activities.
  2. Classes taken at state or community colleges will accrue at 1.5 CEUs per credit hour per semester.
  3. If a reporter obtains CEUs through a non-NCRA or non-KyCRA-sponsored event and the reporter would like credits applied towards their KY-CCR, a fee of $25.00 shall accompany the application.
  4. Any CEUs that are applied toward an NCRA certification will be applied to a reporter's CCR certification without charge. It is the responsibility of each CCR certificate holder to provide documentation of CEUs that have been applied to an NCRA certification.
  5. Granting of .1 CEU per one hour of pro bono services provided to a non-KyCRA-sponsored event or organization that promotes the professions of court reporting, CART, and captioning.  The $25 fee shall be waived.  Board membership, including committee membership, is not defined as a pro bono service.  A maximum of 1.0 CEU per three-year cycle may be obtained for pro bono services provided. 

NOTE:  Be sure to have the Pro Bono CEU Application completed at the time of service.

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